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Dogs are family.  We want our dogs to receive all the nutrition they need to be happy and healthy.  For a number of reasons, dog parents are turning to vegan diets for their dogs' needs.  Here are a few tips on how crickets can supplement a vegan diet while providing a healthy, sustainable, and humanely raised protein.



Unlike humans, dogs struggle to fully digest and absorb proteins that come from plants rather than meat. The digestibility of dog food ingredients is scored on a scale of 0 to 1, with 1 being the most easily digested foods.


Egg whites


Cricket Powder (Bosch, 2014 Journal of Nutritional Science)


Muscle meats (chicken, beef, lamb)


Milk, cheese







*About 30% of protein goes towards maintaining skin and coat, so the first sign of protein deficiency is a poor coat.


B Vitamins and B12

Like protein, B vitamins are an important part of a healthy canine diet.  However, there is no vegan source of vitamin B12.  Cricket Protein is packed with B-12, it has the highest concentration of any traditional protein (chicken, beef, pork, and salmon).


Amino Acids

There are 23 different amino acids that are crucial to the quality of protein dogs intake. Our dogs naturally produce 13 amino acids, but must consume 10 others.  While some of these 10 amino acids are in plant based foods, there is usually not enough of them.  See the table to see why cricket protein may be the best amino acid option for your dog.

Amino Acid Comparison Chart

To learn more about cricket protein, go to www.entobento.com


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    Holy cow. I guess I mean holy cricket. I had no clue.

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