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Bluebelle, a dog with happy ownersweet, lovable adopted Pit Bull was suffering from dog food allergies. The dedicated owner, Alycia Cardona, was at a loss. She tried home cooking meals, feeding Bluebelle a natural, grain-free dog food, and several vet grade hypo-allergenic foods, but to no avail. With little hope left, Alycia received a suggestion from a friend to try EntoBento dog treats filled with cricket protein. The results left her thrilled. 

What were Bluebelle's allergy symptoms?

Alycia: Bluebelle's allergy symptoms start with itchy skin. She will have observably red bumps or rashes on her underarms and belly. She will also lick/chew her skin and paws, almost obsessively. (If we are on the couch together, and I get up to leave the room, I'll return, and she will be chewing). A more severe breakout includes scabs and hair loss. Her allergy flair ups typically lead to infection, and one time she had the dog form of MRSA (bacterial infection).

What were you feeding BlueBelle before the flare-ups?

Alycia: Before home cooking, Bluebelle was on Natural Balance grain free Salmon and sweet potato. We also tried several vet grade hypo-allergenic foods without success.

What else can BlueBelle eat?

Alycia: Blue eats all home cooked, human grade food. Her meals are typically sweet potato and ground turkey. For snacks and dog treats, she gets fruit and vegetables. Usually banana, apples, watermelon, carrots, strawberries. I try not to give too much variety.

How do you know what BlueBelle can eat?

Alycia: We have had allergy testing completed (both blood and the skin test) by a dermatologist. Her food analysis also shows that she is allergic to peas, barley, and eggs. Also- due to her sensitivity to the vet grade hypoallergenic food, our vet speculated that because she has so many allergies, that she was also allergic to the preservatives put in dog food. Another potential allergen is that she's allergic to mites, sometimes found in dog food.

How do you know what is safe for BlueBelle? 

Alycia: We have done many food trials. Because of the severity, I am very skeptical to try new things-- but if we are trying something new, I tend only to implement one new thing at a time. That way we have control over knowing the cause if an outbreak would be food related.
After learning that EntoBento's ingredients include:
Pumpkin, Garbanzo Flour, Organic coconut flour, Coconut Oil, Flax, Cricket Powder, Wild blueberries, and Rosemary, Alycia was ready to give them a try.
"Dealing with dog food allergies has been such a long road for us...I've gone slow, but so far BlueBelle's had two treats with no reactions. Woohoo!!! Excited to have a treat for her."
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